Whoa! 2,397 designers-to-be responded to our call.

What we’d asked them to do was to help us make airport baggage handling fly. (Because it really isn’t, is it?) And so, sifting through reams of impressive entries, it would seem some of these design students knew what to do.

On 5 November, just a few weeks ago, we held the first jury session at Vanderlande HQ in Veghel, the Netherlands. There were six of us from three countries, and two continents. And after a bit of back and forth we agreed to take a closer look at 240 proposals.

More discussions ensued. One of us thought she is the one, another that he was, and a third one said yes to both! What eventually came out of that first jury session was a tight little group of 14 semi-finalists. Then, we felt we’d deserved a break and a coffee.

On 14 January next year, we’ll be whittling down that select group even further, only to pick three winners in February.

Watch the video from the jury event

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