Competition will open in 2017

Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2016 is closed, but you are welcome to pre-register for the next edition of the competition!

As a pre-registered participant, you will be notified as soon as the competition re-opens and we will keep you updated about the new competition theme and design.


Congratulations to the winners of this year's competition.

1st Prize


This concept explores on the question if a set of autonomous logistic vehicles can work together in a way that human-driven vehicles can not. Pricing, eco-efficiency and overall workflow optimization were the design drivers adressed in this concept.

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2nd prize

Drone Logistic System

People’s award winner

My idea was to manufacture Drone logistic system. New archetype of material handling vehicle whose centre of gravity changes minimally. That will save a lot of energy which is spent by transporting weight balance along with the cargo itself in case of conventional forklifts. Thanks to the “U” type architecture the drone can embrace the cargo by its own chassis and fasten it for safer transportation.

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3rd prize

Modular Hybrid Forklift Truck - KAMU

Toyota KAMU concept is a modular hybrid forklift truck. It combines pallet jack and ordinary forklift truck in a way forklift truck industry has never seen before. KAMU can operate alone in situations that usually require two separate tools. It is designed in terms of better usability and ergonomics.

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2016 Award's Ceremony

The Challenge

Forklifts. Like you’ve never seen them before. For the second time Toyota Material Handling Europe launches a Logistic Design Competition. Two years ago it was about our tow tractors. For the 2016 contest we want students of design, and those who’ve recently graduated, to revamp or revolutionise the look and function of our forklifts.

Major cash prizes are at stake for the winners. There’s also a chance you might make your mark on future transportation design.

Challenge Prizes

First prize:5000€
Second prize:3000€
Third prize:1500€
People’s award:1500€ (for the design selected by public vote)

All winners will have the opportunity to apply for a six-month paid internship at TMHE Design Center!

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